apps to manage and pay freelancers

The Best Apps to Manage and Pay Freelancers

Thanks to the growing gig economy, hiring freelancers for your business has never been easier. Many companies take advantage of working with freelancers for niche assignments and special projects, regardless of their location. Thanks to the variety of apps to manage and pay freelancers, collaborating with independent contractors can be a straightforward, streamlined process.

Software to manage freelancers

Freelancers work autonomously and oftentimes remotely. However, for businesses who historically work with full-time employees, communication, oversight, and management of independent contractors may prove difficult without the right tools. That’s why we put together a list of the best apps to manage and pay freelancers.

Communicate with freelancers over Slack

Managing a team of freelancers also means communicating with a variety of people across the globe. Slack, the instant messaging application designed to organize conversations into channels, allows your team to stay on top of freelancer communications and ensure work is moving forward without a backlog. As well as that, Slack, lauded as the “digital HQ,” streamlines freelancer management by providing transparency and communication across teams.  

Manage freelance pitches with Asana

Editors may use a variety of tools to manage freelance pitches. Once a pitch is accepted, Asana is designed to help your team better assign, track, and manage the work. Instead of shuffling through dozens of emails and direct messages, assign freelance writers tasks in Asana and track their progress. Additionally, Asana allows your whole team to track freelance progress without back-and-forth communication. 

Store freelance projects in one place with G Suite

G Suite includes all of the Google Drive products businesses and managers love: Google Calendar is a time management and scheduling service, Google Drive is a file storage system, and Google Meet is a real-time video conferencing app. All in all, G Suite allows your company to effectively store, prioritize, and manage all kinds of work

Keep track of freelancer work via Toggl

Freelancers often bill clients hourly. Because of this, clients can track the project’s time using a tool like Toggl. This will allow both the independent contractor and client to determine how long each project is taking and reevaluate payment terms if necessary.

Open source freelance management software

OutVoice is an open-source freelancer management and payments software. Its central platform is designed to help businesses onboard, manage, and pay freelancers and contractors. OutVoice’s all-in-one platform allows businesses to reduce freelancer onboarding and payments to a single click. Store tax documents and contractor agreements in one place and automate invoices automatically. 

Teams can easily set up delegated controls and permissions to fit their workflows. OutVoice’s Slack and WordPress integrations allow your team to bring freelancer payments into these tools without disrupting editorial workflow. To schedule a demo, click here.

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