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The Easiest Way to Pay Freelancers

Save time, money, and reputation with OutVoice, a revolutionary freelance payment solution that takes invoicing out of the equation.

With OutVoice, publishers can ensure their editors and writers spend less time handling invoices and more time publishing traffic-generating pieces. Attract the most talented content creators by offering a superior payment platform, all while paying out funds on a schedule that fits your needs.

Save Time and Money with OutVoice

As publishers rely more on freelance writers and photographers, an age-old problem is spiraling out of control: How can publications quickly and easily pay these increasingly sprawling freelancer pools?

OutVoice is the only freelance invoicing solution built specifically for publishers, by publishers. With integration directly into any content management system, we empower your team to intuitively handle payments to freelancers inside their normal workflow.


Consolidate contributor invoices into one monthly report.


Empower editors to focus on great content instead of paperwork.


Integrates directly into your existing workflow.

Trusted By Publishers Big and Small

Whether you have only a couple freelancers or a global team of contributors, OutVoice has helped organizations like yours. No matter your scale, OutVoice is the perfect foundation to help you expand your content operation with confidence.

Publish and Pay With One Click

There’s no need to retrain employees to use a new, complicated system. OutVoice integrates directly into your current content management system, turning your “publish” button into a “publish and pay” button.

OutVoice at a Glance

Saving Time and Money for Publishers of All Kinds

Our features are built around the fact that content is still king. OutVoice allows publishers and editors to focus on what matters most — creating timely, relevant content — by eliminating time consuming administrative tasks. How many times have you had to follow up with a contributor to get their invoice? Or how many times have you meant to pay that photographer, but keep forgetting?

Offering immediate digital payment the moment an article is published attracts the most talented content creators to your publication. Monthly reporting on payments to contributors makes your accounting team happy, and reduces time spent on record keeping.

Works With Any CMS

Easily publish articles using your current publishing workflow in WordPress and Drupal.

One-Click Invoicing

Streamline your invoicing process. Make it one-click simple to pay contributors.

OutVoice Scales With You

Publish one article per day or 1,000.

Dedicated Support

Help when you need it. Easy access to a support team for publishers, editors, and contributors.

Improve Efficiency

Reduce accounting and editorial bottlenecks. Focus on great content instead of paperwork.

Fast and Easy to Use

Easy to install and maintain. Get up and running in a matter of minutes.

Syncs With Your Accounting Systems

Sync your accounting systems with OutVoice to track and easily understand exactly who and how much you’re paying.

Built in Payment Database

Stop wasting time tracking down invoicing. Payment records are easily accessible via the dashboard.

About OutVoice

OutVoice frees the digital publishing industry from freelance invoicing problems and delays. As freelancers who have waited for a payment that never came, editors too swamped to properly process an invoice, and publishers seeking an end to the recurring nightmare of monthly publication invoicing, the OutVoice team knows these challenges intimately.

Integrating an easy digital payment platform into the Content Management System was just the first way we cut huge chunks of time out of the outdated invoicing processes. We haven’t stopped.

Nothing available solved the unique problems at every step of the process for freelancers, editors, and publishers alike, so we built a solution for ourselves.

OutVoice allowed our editors to focus on their work and increase output, while increasing our page views by attracting more-talented contributors to our publication. It saved us time and money. And it gave our publication a PR boost, as well as insurance that a lone freelancer wouldn’t take to social media to accuse us of nonpayment.

When OutVoice revolutionized our workflow, saving us time, money, and headaches, we knew we had to share it with the world.

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