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The Best Software to Manage Freelancers for Publishers

More and more companies are utilizing the skills of remote independent contractors for short and long-term projects. Freelancers can bring unique, coveted skills to an organization within budget. For publishers looking to hire freelance writers, photographers, or journalists, location and expertise are also important factors. But what kind of tools and software are available to manage freelancers? 

Freelance management systems (FMS) are a way for businesses to organize and maintain remote teams of freelancers and independent contractors. These systems typically help the employer onboard freelancers, which can include executing and storing contractual agreements and tax documents. Some freelance management systems also allow freelancers to submit payment requests or invoices. 

How to manage freelance projects

After a freelancer accepts a project, it’s time to onboard them into your organization. Unlike traditional W-2 employees, independent contractors work on a per-project basis. This means they will need to execute and sign a contractual agreement for the assignment. 

The contract should include: 

  1. The scope of the assignment (a description of the work performed)
  2. Deadline (when the work is to be completed)
  3. Copyright details (a description of who or what owns the work)
  4. Legal classification (an explanation that the freelancer is an independent contractor not an employee)
  5. Pricing and payment schedule (the agreed upon rate for the assignment and when payment should be expected)
  6. Signatures from both parties (to ensure the contract is legally binding)

Once your company has crafted a freelancer contract, collect any necessary tax documentation from the contractor. If working within the US, freelancers are required to execute and return a W-9. Non-US freelancers working with a company based in the US may need to sign a W-8 BEN.

While many publishers have success managing freelance projects via cloud productivity tools like Google Workspace (Gmail, Google Drive, Google Calendar), there are other options available. 

Organize assignments with Asana

Editors may use a variety of tools to manage freelance pitches. Asana helps your team better assign, track, and manage the work. Instead of shuffling through dozens of emails and direct messages, assign freelance writers tasks in Asana and track their progress. Additionally, Asana allows your whole team to track freelance progress without back-and-forth communication. 

Communicate with freelancers over Slack

Managing a team of freelancers also means communicating with a variety of people across the globe. Slack, the instant messaging application designed to organize conversations into channels, allows your team to stay on top of freelancer communications and ensure work is moving forward without a backlog. As well as that, Slack, lauded as the “digital HQ,” streamlines freelancer management by providing transparency and communication across teams.  

How to set up accounts payable for freelancers

The best way to attract and retain top-quality freelancers is to have a seamless accounts payable system. Many freelance management systems do not offer accounts payable alongside freelance management. 

One of the best ways to set up accounts payable for freelancers is through Automated Clearing House (ACH). ACH payments debit from one bank account and credit into another in the form of direct deposit.

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The best freelance management software for publishers

OutVoice is the only software built for publishers to manage and pay freelancers. Send freelancer payments quickly, to anyone, anywhere in the world. Pay your freelance team right away, on the 1st, 15th, whenever! Additionally, once you click pay we take care of the rest. OutVoice is customizable to your business’s workflow, too. OutVoice’s reporting tool has all of the data needed for your accounting team to close out the books in an orderly fashion. Take advantage of OutVoice’s one-of-a-kind CMS plug-in and unlock a key component in monitoring ROI on content spend.

Cut down back-and-forth processes to a single click — OutVoice automates taxes, onboarding, invoices, W9s, 1099s, and freelancer contract management. To learn more about how your business can benefit from a freelance management and payments software built for publishers, schedule a demo.