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How to Pay Freelance Editorial Teams Online with Taxes Automated

Freelancers, regardless of speciality, appreciate streamlined payment from their clients. Any business that hires and works with freelancers knows seamless payment is a great way to attract and retain talent. While there are a plethora of payment options out there, the best freelance payment methods are those that cater to not only your company’s needs, but the freelancer, too. We’ve put together a guide on how to pay freelance editorial teams online with taxes automated. 

Best freelance payment methods

ACH payments for independent contractors

ACH, or Automated Clearing House, is an electronic payment and funds-transferring service for facilitating transactions within the United States. This type of payment method is a safe and secure way to transfer funds. Furthermore, ACH payments debit from one bank account and credit into another in the form of direct deposit. 

To initiate an ACH direct deposit to a freelancer, you need: 

  1. The freelancer’s first and last name
  2. The name of the bank
  3. The routing number
  4. The account number

However, some bank accounts may require the freelancer to fill out a direct deposit form. So it’s good to keep that in mind before sending a freelance payment. 

How to use PayPal to pay a freelancer

Any freelancer with a PayPal account can be paid via PayPal if that is their preferred method. PayPal is a payment platform that allows money transfers between parties. Some freelancers may prefer this method as a way to differentiate their business expenses from personal funds.

To send a PayPal payment to a freelancer, you need: 

  1. The freelancer’s email or phone number associated with their PayPal account

Send and receive freelancer invoices with Stripe

Freelancers can utilize the payments platform Stripe in a variety of ways. First, they can send invoices to clients via the Stripe dashboard and access financial records in one place. Unlike PayPal, Stripe is largely considered to be used among small business owners.

To send a payment to a freelancer via Stripe, you need: 

  1. The email address or phone number associated with the freelancer’s Stripe account

How to pay freelance editorial teams online with OutVoice

With OutVoice, every new freelancer can be required to digitally sign your company’s contract agreement, complete a W-9 form, and enter their relevant bank account information during onboarding. Send freelancer payments quickly, to anyone, anywhere in the world. Pay your freelance team right away, on the 1st, 15th, whenever! Additionally, once you click pay we take care of the rest. OutVoice is customizable to your business’s workflow, too. OutVoice’s reporting tool has all of the data needed for your accounting team to close out the books in an orderly fashion.

Cut down back-and-forth processes to a single click — OutVoice automates taxes, onboarding, invoices, W9s, 1099s, and freelancer contract management. To learn more about how your business can pay journalist contractors with tax automation, schedule a demo.

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