Publishers Can Get up to $5,000 in Pre-Funded OutVoice Account To Pay Freelancers

Do you want $5,000 to pay your freelancers? If so, you’re in luck.

For the next 30 days, OutVoice is offering any publisher who switches over to our superior freelance management system a pre-funded account with up to $5,000.

As a team of former freelancers and publishers ourselves, we believe OutVoice is the best way for publishers to pay, track, and manage their team of content creators while keeping an eye on their freelance budget in real time.

Switching to OutVoice isn’t just the obvious choice, but it has a lot of perks, too. Our solution automates away W9s, 1099s, and intellectual property agreements, while our CMS-integrated plug-in lets you pay freelancers with the same click that publishes their work. This helps publishers cut down on massive back and forth time. And the publishers who try OutVoice never go back to the old way.

Freelancers also love it. There’s no need to invoice, and payment can be sent without delay, anywhere in the world.

We believe our system is the best way to pay your freelancers. And we want you to try it. That’s why we’re offering publishers the opportunity to sign up for OutVoice this month and receive a pre-funded account to help pay your freelance team. Let’s fix freelancing together.

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How to get $5,000 to pay your freelancers

Any publisher interested in receiving a pre-funded OutVoice account must sign up, onboard their editorial team, and have an initial training session with one of our representatives.

The amount of pre-funding will be scaled to publication size, with a maximum of $5,000.

Publishers don’t have to use all of their pre-funded account in one month, but must use the entire sum within one calendar year. Any customer who wishes to discontinue use of OutVoice before one calendar year will not be given the remaining funding in their account. All payments with the pre-funded account must be within a reasonable range to the publisher’s usual payments, and for freelance work toward the publisher’s main content business.

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