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OutVoice is the only freelancer management system built by publishers looking to get more out of their content spend.

Affordable plans for publications of any size -- starting at $29



OutVoice integrates with any CMS, allowing publishers to pay their freelancers with the same click that publishes their work — without ever interrupting editorial workflow. Ninety percent of publishers said OutVoice helped them to be more productive and focus on more important tasks, like generating content.



With OutVoice, publishers can easily scale, manage, and pay freelancers of any kind, anywhere in the world. Our one-of-a-kind, centralized platform allows you to see where every single dollar of your freelance budget is spent in real time and set limits accordingly.



Grow your freelance teams quicker than ever with OutVoice’s streamlined, intuitive onboarding process. We automate away W9s, 1099s, and intellectual property agreements, cutting down on massive amounts of back and forth time. Our customer dashboard keeps all the information and documentation you need in one place, too.

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How quickly can I transition to this new system? Is it burdensome for my team?
You can be up and running with your new OutVoice account today! Onboarding a freelancer to OutVoice is as simple as typing their email address. OutVoice walks them through entering their tax and payment information, and signing your intellectual property and other agreements.
How much does it cost?
OutVoice has a sliding scale price so it can be affordable for any publication, small or large. We have plans that are only $29 a month for the smallest pubs, and enterprise plans that top out at 5% for a suite of extensive services and features.
Does this integrate with my other accounting systems?
Yes! OutVoice keeps all of your transactions in one place and makes it easy to export to other systems with the click of a button.
Can I pay people monthly or weekly instead of per piece?
Yes! OutVoice allows you to pay your freelancers by piece, by week, or by month. You can pay them inside of your CMS or on our central platform. The flexibility of our system is based on our experience as editors and publishers.

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