Fanbyte Media Partners With OutVoice to Change Way Freelance Content Creators Are Paid

OutVoice ( today announced it has partnered with Fanbyte Media ( to pay its freelance writers and photographers.

OutVoice is the first freelance payment solution for publishers that integrates directly into Content Management Systems. By replacing the “publish” button with a “publish and pay” button, OutVoice saves publishers time and money, reducing invoice headaches to a single click. After that, everything is handled by OutVoice’s proprietary enterprise platform.

Fanbyte is a global digital media company comprised of gamers, geeks and tech enthusiasts from all walks of life. Founded in 1999, with 20+ web destinations, 300 million monthly page views, and 30 million active users, Fanbyte will use OutVoice to streamline their internal processes and attract talent.

“As we expand, it was getting much harder to pay our talented freelance staff without delays and hiccups. That’s frustrating. They deserve more stability and so do we, frankly. OutVoice has made it an easy transition from our previous solution and I believe in their mission,” said John Warren, Editor-in-Chief of “I’ve been really impressed with their level of customer service and the total lack of roadblocks getting our staff onboarded.”

OutVoice is led by Matt Saincome, former freelance writer and editor-turned-publisher of The Hard Times and Hard Drive. His work has been featured in Forbes, Billboard, LA Times and other major news outlets.

“Fanbyte is the perfect client for OutVoice’s expanding beta program,” Saincome said. “Their team intimately understands the problem OutVoice solves, and has the standing in their niche to lead on this issue. To any games, tech, or entertainment freelancer out there: You need to pitch a Fanbyte property first. They will pay you quicker and easier than any other publication on the planet.”

Want to try OutVoice on your publication? Contact [email protected]