OutVoice Is Hiring!

by Matt Saincome

OutVoice is building a team of people who believe freelance payments shouldn’t feel like a second job. If one of these jobs sounds right for you, send an application to [email protected]


1) Operations Lead

OutVoice is seeking an Operations Lead to help us grow and optimize our business. This person will be given the resources and responsibilities to investigate and execute the best way for our company to handle various administrative and operational tasks efficiently and effectively. You’ll wear many hats, and need to lean in to help us roll out and/or scale up our various processes whether it’s billing, accounting, HR, hiring, etc. If it’s paperwork, you crush it.

This is a remote position. You will work directly with our CEO. Full time salary based on experience starting at $120k plus benefits.


  • Significant experience building and optimizing business operations
  • Highly organized, structured
  • Experience or competency for accounting, billing, or payments
  • Ability to read and negotiate vendor contracts
  • Ability to wear various hats in fast-moving environment
  • Dedicated self starter


  • History at a payments company/start up
  • Entrepreneurial
  • Legal background
  • CPA or accounting background 
  • SF Bay Area-based


2) Sales and Marketing Team member 

OutVoice is hiring a sales and marketing assistant responsible for helping generate leads and assist with sales. This person is a persistent self starter, able to rapidly adapt and find winning formulas that can be repeated. You have great written and verbal communication skills and are responsible for creating engaging SEO-type content for the company blog. You are also the point of contact for our outside marketing firm.

This is a remote position. $70k salary with benefits.


  • Persistent without being annoying
  • Ability to gather targets, qualify leads
  • Ability to set meetings and get leads into pipeline
  • Experience effectively marketing a product
  • Ability to execute creative outside the box marketing ideas
  • Ability to write well


3) Enterprise Publishing Sales Lead

OutVoice is hiring an experienced enterprise sales leader in the publishing industry. We are seeking someone who comes with a deep network of publishing contacts and a proven record of selling into publishing and content businesses. You are a killer who needs a killer product to sell. We have it. 


  • Extensive experience selling complex products
  • Deep knowledge and network in publishing and content industry
  • Ability to generate own leads
  • Dedication to keep relationships warm to close long sales cycle

$150k salary, benefits, plus healthy commission 


Send all applications to [email protected].