OutVoice Wins FUSE Media Summit’s Startup Derby

OutVoice, the only freelance management system that integrates directly into Content Management Systems, won FUSE Media Summit’s 2019 Startup Derby.

After watching each startup pitch onstage over the course of two days, publishing executives who attend the summit to find new technology vendors, voted OutVoice the winner. 

OutVoice is the only freelance management system built for publishers by publishers. Its CMS integration automates away the burdensome, error-prone processing of freelancer invoices to save publishers time, money, and reputation.

After a vibrant question and answer session, several publishers added one-on-one meetings with OutVoice CEO Matt Saincome to their summit schedules.

“As a publisher myself I love sitting down with others in the industry to talk about their challenges and triumphs,” Saincome said. “We built OutVoice because we needed a solution at our publication but couldn’t find one. It was great hearing the excitement from other publishers who have also been looking for a solution to this problem, and I’m thrilled many are now in our sales pipeline.”

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