OutVoice to Offer Freelancer Management System for Free During Pandemic

by OutVoice

Broken freelance payment systems plague the publishing industry, costing publishers time, money, and reputation.

We have a better way. It’s called OutVoice. It’s the only freelance management and payment tool built specifically for publishing, and the only one to integrate directly into Content Management Systems to automate away invoicing headaches.

If you’re a publisher who’d like to upgrade the way you onboard, communicate with WFH teams, and pay your freelancers, we’ll give you our system for free until the end of 2020. After that, we guarantee it’ll be cheaper than what you pay to run your system right now. This video shows how we can automate away your problems:

The reason we are doing this is simple. Our company is made up of people who used to be freelance writers, salaried editors, and magazine publishers. We know the pain current systems cause. We also know publishers are facing falling ad revenues due to COVID-19, which might influence them to cut freelancer budgets. Instead, we’d like to encourage publishers to save money by using our system for free.

By switching to OutVoice Publishers can save:

  • Cost of cutting/mailing checks
  • Subscription, platform, or seat fees for other payment solutions
  • Labor costs related to employees handling invoices
  • Reputation and ability to attract talent

We are the only freelancer management tool that can (but doesn’t have to) integrate directly into your CMS. Our technology can automate away problems related to maintaining a Net30 payment cycle — or ditch it entirely and help you accelerate to a Net0 payment cycle. And we’re the only ones built specifically for publishing, which also means we’d never charge “per seat” or “per user.”

From onboarding, to calls for submission, to payment processing, to end of year 1099 tax forms — OutVoice is the ultimate payment system for publishers. And now it’s free for those who want to make the switch. No restrictions, no commitments.

Contact us today for a demo: [email protected]

(And editors who want to get a head start before their publications sign up can try our new editor tool here.)