Saving Time & Money for Digital Publishers

Our features are built around the fact that content is still king. OutVoice allows publishers and editors to focus on what matters most -- creating timely, relevant content -- by eliminating time consuming administrative tasks.  How many times have you had to follow up with a contributor to get their invoice?  Or how many times have you meant to pay that photographer, but keep forgetting?

Offering immediate digital payment the moment an article is published attracts the most talented content creators to your publication. Monthly reporting on payments to contributors makes your accounting team happy, and reduces time spent on record keeping.

Easily Publish Articles
Easily publish articles using your current publishing workflow in WordPress and Drupal.
Invoice Free Payments
Streamline your invoicing process. Make it one-click simple to pay contributors.
Built for Scale
Publish an article a day or 1,000. OutVoice scales with you.
Customer Support
Help when you need it. Easy access to a support team for publishers, editors, and contributors.
Reduce Bottlenecks
Reduce accounting and editorial bottlenecks. Focus on great content instead of paperwork.
Easy to Install and Maintain
Easy to install and maintain. Get up and running in a matter of minutes.
Site performance
Maintain site performance. Our well-engineered code doesn’t slow your page load time.
Stop wasting time
Stop wasting time tracking down invoicing. Payment records are easily accessible via the dashboard.

Monthly reporting
Sync your accounting systems with OutVoice to track and easily understand exactly who and how much you're paying.