About OutVoice

OutVoice frees the digital publishing industry from freelance invoicing problems and delays.

As publishers rely more on freelance writers and photographers, an age-old problem is spiraling out of control: How can publications quickly and easily pay these increasingly sprawling freelancer pools?

The OutVoice team knows the problem intimately, as freelancers who have waited for a payment that never came, editors too swamped to properly process an invoice, and publishers seeking an end to the recurring nightmare of monthly publication invoicing. 

Integrating an easy digital payment platform into the Content Management System was just the first way we cut huge chunks of time out of the outdated invoicing processes. We haven’t stopped.

Nothing available solved the unique problems at every step of the process for freelancers, editors, and publishers alike, so we built a solution for ourselves.

OutVoice allowed our editors to focus on their work and increase output, while increasing our page views by attracting more-talented contributors to our publication. It saved us time and money. And it gave our publication a PR boost, as well as insurance that a lone freelancer wouldn’t take to social media to accuse us of nonpayment.

When OutVoice revolutionized our workflow, saving us time, money, and headaches, we knew we had to share it with the world.